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  • Presidential Epic

    Presidential Epic

    By Quin Hillyer on 3.11.11 @ 6:10AM It ordinarily would be way too early to be obsessing as much about the presidential field as many of us have been doing, […]

  • Stop Bernanke’s Hanky-Panky

    Stop Bernanke’s Hanky-Panky

    By Quin Hillyer on 3.4.11 @ 6:10AM It’s time to start hiking interest rates. Just as the Fed did early in the previous decade, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is artificially […]

  • Presidential Bright Side

    Presidential Bright Side

    By Quin Hillyer on 2.25.11 @ 6:08AM Several weeks ago I listed the most important, surface-level arguments why just about every seriously mentioned, potential Republican presidential candidate has drawbacks that […]

  • Why the Black Panther Case Matters

    Why the Black Panther Case Matters

    By Quin Hillyer on 2.3.11 @ 6:09AM Attorney General Eric Holder and his minions, along with some of their slavish apologists in the media, are deliberately trafficking in lies of […]

  • Save the NFL, Now

    Save the NFL, Now

    By Quin Hillyer on 2.9.11 @ 6:09AM The National Football League has one of the best things going in the history of team sports. Its owners and players are on […]

  • The Presidential Naysayers Guide

    The Presidential Naysayers Guide

    By Quin Hillyer on 1.28.11 @ 6:09AM Any good presidential candidate will spend time, and order staff to spend time, analyzing all of his/her weaknesses and drawing up a brutal […]


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