Due to my unexpurgateable techno-tardism, I have let this site go fallow for a couple of months. I promise henceforth to keep it current, not just with links to my writings elsewhere, but also with original content available only here. For now, though, let me just post links to lots of my work that has been published in the intervening months. But please come back, for lots of good material, now that I’m up and running again.

That said, here are about 10 weeks of columns from The Advocate in Louisiana:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Throw Common Core Out the Door

The Day an Election Stood Still (re Dave Treen, David Vitter)

Dardenne is a Man of Motion

On New Orleans’ new airport terminal

Scalise on Fast Track to Leadership

Mayor Landrieu’s plan to reform bureaucracy

Cassidy a Formidable Foe for (Mary) Landrieu

Common Core’s Fuzzy Math

Jindal: Right Cause, Wrong Method on Common Core

Why the Wetlands Suit is Pure Poison

On Wetlands Suit, Know When to Fold’em

Also at the Advocate, some key blog posts:

Conrad Appel’s Content-less Defense of Common Core

Finally, on one judge, Two-and-a-Quarter Cheers for Mary Landrieu

Aviation Board Gets it Half Right

Transparency in Home Insurance Industry

Scalise Brought the Wood

Jindal Administration’s cheap shot at Superintendent John White

Here’s one I consider VERY important: Common Core Needs Special Session

Vitter and Dardenne both wrong on Common Core

OKAY, FOR NON-LOUISIANANS, we finally get to the national-issue material, all from National Review (a combo of full columns and The Corner blog posts:

The Santorum Conundrum

Belatedly in Memory of Ken Tomlinson

Explaining beforehand why fifth-place Gary Palmer had good chance of winning in Al#06

There’s No Guarantee of a Wave Election

Left Offended   (NOTE: At some point, look here at quinhillyer.com for my response to the left’s conniptions over this column.)

Perfidious President

What Obama Hath Wrought

Who is Steve Scalise?

The Welcome Return of the Cheneys (with a personal interview with Liz Cheney)

against the med device tax and for slashing corporate rates

After Hobby Lobby Comes Judge Pryor  (NOT sorry for the pun)

The Reagan Roots of ‘Reform Conservatism’

Think Tank Dean Wins in AL#06  (Hooray!!)

Barbour’s Mississippi Mud….    with CLARIFICATION   (note: Come back to quinhillyer.com for updates to this)

on Mark Levin’s Suit Against EPA E-mail perfidy

Israel’s Moral Mission

FINALLY, here is some media criticism, via the MRC’s Newsbusters:

Why won’t media blast Richard Armitage re Valerie Plame?

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin does excellent Benghazi report

Mississippi GOP “nasty,” but Rangel just a “great character”  (Really??)

correcting The New Republic in IRS scandal

There: Wow, that’s a lot. As I said, please start coming back here daily, because I have lots of good stuff in store — and some of it won’t be available anywhere else!


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