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  • EXCLUSIVE: CEO of National Trust resigns

    EXCLUSIVE: CEO of National Trust resigns

    (Nov. 18)  Paul Edmondson, the CEO and president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation who has been heavily involved in turbulence at James Madison’s Montpelier , a Trust property, has announced […]

  • Why both parties deserved not to win

    Republican and Democrat campaigners carrying flags with donkey and elephant symbols

    (Nov. 15)  With a full week’s perspective on the Nov. 8 elections , one can see the U.S. constitutional system , in a macro sense, again worked exquisitely well. The results provided rough justice […]

  • Trumperor has no clothes

    Trumperor has no clothes

    (Nov. 16)  Wafting out from Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night, pungent as a three-day-dead rat in a basement closet, came the unmistakable stench of a loser. Yes, in 2016, Donald Trump pulled an inside straight, […]

  • All about the elections!

    All about the elections!

    Four post-mortems, one piece about voting problems, and one long-term trend piece, all about last week’s elections. (Link to each full column is embedded in each headline.) Why Republicans politicians […]

  • How can we better serve our veterans?

    How can we better serve our veterans?

    (Official Washington Examiner editorial, Nov. 11)  On this Veterans Day, let us not just praise the valor of those who served in the U.S. armed forces , but also do […]

  • Government behaving abusively (times three)

    Government behaving abusively (times three)

    Glimmers of how to fight back in three different examples of frightening governmental treatment of ordinary citizens. (Full columns embedded in each headline.) Split up the FBI!!! (Nov. 4): Certain […]


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