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  • Amid cold and virus, all that jazz

    Amid cold and virus, all that jazz

    Note: If this tribute to New Orleans is behind a firewall, I urge you either to subscribe to the Washington Examiner, or to wait a few days and check again, […]

  • Before Christmas, seeing hope

    Before Christmas, seeing hope

    (Dec. 22) What the whole country is experiencing in these last days before Christmas has the same feel as what New Orleanians felt just before Christmas 15 years ago, less […]

  • Of movies and (especially) Mardi Gras

    Children line the streets yelling for beads to be thrown his way while standing among class mates during the Jeff Davis Elementary School Mardi Gras parade in Biloxi, Mississippi, March 1, 2019. Keesler leadership, Honor Guard and Airmen participated in various festivities throughout the Mardi Gras season, which is celebrated by the local communities. (U.S. Air Force photo by Kemberly Groue)

    Three pieces on current culture. For the full columns, follow the links embedded in the headlines. New Orleans Mardi Gras can be family-friendly fun (Feb. 27): A New Orleans native’s […]

  • In NOLA, Rispone did worse than Duke

    In NOLA, Rispone did worse than Duke

    (Nov. 18) By now, plenty of analysts have pointed to the copious evidence that President Trump’s active participation in Louisiana’s gubernatorial race drove up Democratic turnout far more than Republican turnout. Trump clearly is politically toxic in […]

  • Anti-Semitism rises with bizarre perversity

    Anti-Semitism rises with bizarre perversity

    (Oct. 14)  Last weekend [Oct. 13] I was struck by a stark juxtaposition between the Old Testament reading in Sunday’s Episcopalian lectionary and sad news of yet another series of anti-Semitic […]



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