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  • Trumperor has no clothes

    Trumperor has no clothes

    (Nov. 16)  Wafting out from Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night, pungent as a three-day-dead rat in a basement closet, came the unmistakable stench of a loser. Yes, in 2016, Donald Trump pulled an inside straight, […]

  • All about the elections!

    All about the elections!

    Four post-mortems, one piece about voting problems, and one long-term trend piece, all about last week’s elections. (Link to each full column is embedded in each headline.) Why Republicans politicians […]

  • Getting voting disputes wrong, three times

    FILE PHOTO: A SafeVote official ballot drop box for mail-in ballots is seen outside a polling site at the Milwaukee Public Library’s Washington Park location in Milwaukee, on the first day of in-person voting in Wisconsin, U.S., October 20, 2020. REUTERS/Bing Guan/File Photo

    Perhaps never before in U.S. history have so many controversies surrounded so many aspects of our voting systems. Herewith, three different ways various people wrongly complain. (Links to full stories […]

  • Trump is a menace to society

    Trump is a menace to society

    There is no reason — no decent, acceptable, morally relatable, or practical — reason for anybody of good will to support Donald Trump for president again. The man is a […]

  • A veritable smorgasbord of articles

    A veritable smorgasbord of articles

    For each column/editorial in this smorgasbord, follow the link embedded in the headline to read the whole piece. Senator Ben Sasse shows Reaganesque outlook and insight (June 7): Sen. Ben […]


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