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  • In the company of (who dat?) Saints

    In the company of (who dat?) Saints

    I wanted to write a longer piece here, but so far haven’t found the heart or time to do so. I remain flabbergasted, mind-boggled, bumfuzzled, and enraged by the mugging […]

  • Among QBs, there’s only one Brees

    Among QBs, there’s only one Brees

    By Quin Hillyer at The American Spectator; The Louisiana Superdome was rocking Monday night as only a New Orleans venue can rock, celebrating not just a 43-19 slaughter of the […]

  • Worries about how the Saints drafted

    Worries about how the Saints drafted

    By Quin Hillyer; Consider me concerned about what the Saints did in last weekend’s draft. It’s not that they failed to get good athletes with some excellent football skills. They […]

  • Of Saints… and Eggs

    Of Saints… and Eggs

    (By Quin): Wow, do I have egg on my face! After last week so confidently predicting the New Orleans Saints would find a way to make the playoffs, I probably […]

  • Saints Alive!

    Saints Alive!

    Call me crazy, but I hereby predict that the New Orleans Saints will make the playoffs this year. They will win all four remaining games in the regular season, including […]

  • A Saintly Prediction

    A Saintly Prediction

    Sorry, but I can’t stay away from sports. Knowing I’ll regret this — indeed, in a site for writing, this isn’t even writing; it’s just kibitzing — let me make […]


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