Sorry I have been away for a while. Travels made it tough to get on site, and then I just fell further behind. Herewith, then, a collection of what I’ve written in the past three weeks or so:

In Israel during the rocket attacks (full column).

Ed Tarpley: a good congressional candidate in north-central Louisiana.

Why Louisiana Dems should disown Edwin Edwards.

Updating: Amazingly, they didn’t, but endorsed him instead.

Not by me, but (on the Edwards endorsement) an ethical Dem reacts appropriately.

Why Obama should resign. (This one got more than 60,000 web hits.)

Blog post on eliminating the corp0rate income tax.

A purely legal take (respectful of all sides) on why Judge Feldman was right to uphold Louisiana’s same-sex marriage restriction.

Gov. Jindal’s federal suit against Common Core does have some merit.

Obama’s on the golf course; Americans want some mulligans.

Strongly against re-authorizing the Export-Import Bank in a Continuing Resolution (Appropriations bill).


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