By Quin Hillyer on 3.11.11 @ 6:10AM

It ordinarily would be way too early to be obsessing as much about the presidential field as many of us have been doing, but the urgency is based on reasonable concerns.

If Barack Obama gets four more years to spend us into oblivion, issue authoritarian executive orders, seed the bureaucracy with radical leftists who make administrative rulings inimical to the American tradition, use the Justice Department to abuse the law and bully his opponents, populate the federal courts with anti-constitutional power-trippers and trans-nationalists, undermine the military, and betray American alliances and interests, it is a serious question whether this nation as we know it can survive. Conservatives and Republicans therefore must, absolutely must, get their selection right. They must find a candidate of decent enough principles and leadership ability to govern in daunting times, and of sufficient — meaning superb — political skills to beat Obama, with his billion-dollar campaign and his worshippers in the establishment media, in the general election. This is a tall order, and it is one there is good reason to doubt will be filled by those currently expected to enter the race. ….

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