I wanted to write a longer piece here, but so far haven’t found the heart or time to do so. I remain flabbergasted, mind-boggled, bumfuzzled, and enraged by the mugging and highway robbery that denied the Saints a spot in the Super Bowl. What is published below was written mostly before the NFC Championship game, as a fun little piece to have ready to go if the Saints made the Super Bowl. Obviously, a couple of paragraphs were written after the mugging. One of these days, maybe I’ll do the full piece I mean to to do, but for now, I hope you enjoy this one. — Quin

During the New Orleans Saints’ ill-fated march through the playoffs, national media dove into a story about the team’s unique relationship with its city and fans. But as when a chef from outside Louisiana makes jambalaya or gumbo, the flavor of such stories can be a bit off.

Many teams have enthusiastic and even fierce fan support. Others may consider their teams an integral part of their city’s identity. But no city’s fans combine whimsy, wildness, and an almost desperate love for their team the way fans in New Orleans do….

Alas, I see the rest of this article is behind a firewall now. I hope you see fit to subscribe to the Examiner, so you can read the whole thing. Sorry about that! Not my doing.


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