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  • Ben Carson’s awful endorsement

    Ben Carson’s awful endorsement

    by Quin Hillyer at National Review Online; ….. Carson has spent an entire campaign pleading for honor and decency and decorum, only to endorse a man who is the crassest, most […]

  • The sore losers of the GOP

    The sore losers of the GOP

    At the great site Opportunity Lives, I lament the whiny, petty, petulant performances by the Republican presidential candidates who are barely hanging on for political life. I also suggest a better approach […]

  • Prichard Prep Gains National Attention

    Prichard Prep Gains National Attention

    (NOTE: On Monday, Fox News followed up Ben Carson’s visit to Mobile last week with a segment featuring Mobile County’s Prichard Prep School, bringing more, and well-merited, attention to this […]

  • Ben Carson Speaks Up

    Ben Carson Speaks Up

    I had a 20-minute private interview with Dr. Ben Carson the other day. Here’s the report.  — Quin

  • Trump’s Fib-o-rama in Alabama

    Trump’s Fib-o-rama in Alabama

    By Quin Hillyer   If Donald Trump has an Achilles Heel, it might just be his propensity for lying. We’re not talking about run-of-the-mill hyperbole, of the sort he has […]


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