Five Washington Examiner pieces by Quin (links embedded in the headlines);

Ben Carson, pushing opportunity, battles poverty (April 26): Anyone who doubts the conservative commitment to fighting poverty should read the essaypublished Friday at RealClearPolicy by Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development. It assesses the new “opportunity zones” enacted as part of the Republican-passed 2017 tax reform, designed to “incentiviz[e] long-term investments in low-income neighborhoods.”….

Yet another court smacks down Ecuador’s shakedown of Chevron (April 17): Ecuador’s corrupt, leftist regime and its grifting American lawyers keep losing and losing and losing in a long-running case that proves there is such a thing as international justice.The latest win for energy giant Chevron against fraudulent claims of environmental despoliation came Monday from the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. ….

I was wrong: The economy didn’t topple (April 24): 

Mea maxima culpaSort of.

Last year and into January, I warned that the American economy rested on a debt-eroded precipice, that it would begin to collapse in October of 2018, and that it could fall into full-fledged recession.

Well, extremely weak stock markets together with a fourth-quarter gross domestic product slowdown in growth really made me look for a while like I was on to something. As Christmas approached, all three major market indexes were in or near official bear-market territory, with the Dow Jones industrial Average not just down more than 16% from its high in early September, but more than 9% for the whole year.

I was right about some serious shakiness. I was wrong about eventual collapse. …

‘God friended me’ beats ‘Game of Thrones’ (April 15): Apparently, some people the night of April 14 were watching some show with lots of sex and violence and dragons and thrones. They were missing the real “quality TV” of the evening. The show “God Friended Me”wrapped up its first season on a strong, upbeat, and clever note, and offers promising prospects for season two….

Steve King is no Christ figure and should not be in Congress (April 24): 

When Pontius Pilate asked Jesus of Nazareth if he was a king, little did he expect that a King would later liken his own suffering to that of Jesus.

U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, continued on Tuesday his ongoing efforts to prove his unfitness for office….


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