At the great site Opportunity Lives, I lament the whiny, petty, petulant performances by the Republican presidential candidates who are barely hanging on for political life. I also suggest a better approach — one both classier and, yes, more manly, and for that matter far more constructive both substantively and politically.

Two excerpts:

The targets of the pettiness have been Iowa success stories Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Even before the caucuses Jeb Bush was saying the two young senators are “two people that are backbenchers who have never done anything of consequence in their lives.” Really, Jeb? Your own protégé whom you pushed into the Florida House speakership, and who authored what is so far the only successful big nick against Obamacare (and who has said nary a bad word about you), has “never done anything of consequence”?

After Iowa, Bush piled on, mocking Rubio and the media for acting as if Rubio’s third-place finish there was a victory. So said the guy whose affiliated SuperPAC spent well upwards of $10 million attacking Rubio, only to see Bush earn less than one-eighth as many votes as his fellow Floridian (as FiveThirtyEight reported, Bush’s spent roughly $25,000 per vote).

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?


What the whiners ought to be doing, rather than act like sore losers on a grade-school playground, is to talk about issues and ideas, and about how to inspire the American people toward better times.

Please do follow the link at the top, or here, to read this piece about how the current also-rans can get back on the right track.

—- Quin


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