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  • Flexibility for Alabama’s Budget

    Flexibility for Alabama’s Budget

    Alabama faces a budget gap of $265 million. Not good, but not awful, Perhaps manageable, if managerial/legislative flexibility were available. Alas, right now it’s not available. But it should be. […]

  • New Year, Continuing Stories, New Approach

    New Year, Continuing Stories, New Approach

    Happy New Year! Within two weeks, I hope to announce a new, much more regular system of posts here at — interesting, informative, entertaining. In the meantime, here’s catching […]

  • Strong House freshman class

    Strong House freshman class

    The day before the election, at National Review Online, I looked forward to an exceedingly strong possible incoming class of U.S. House freshmen (along with some other good ones just […]

  • Impressed, Not Impressed

    Impressed, Not Impressed

    Not impressed with Chris Christie. Why Louisianans should be impressed with Gov. Jindal (but aren’t). Why Louisianans should not be offended with a postcard (and not impressed with Secretary of […]

  • Shelby hoards; Obama fails

    Shelby hoards; Obama fails

    While Democratic candidates for the Senate sink in the polls, largely due to their direct affiliations with the failures of Barack Obama, Alabama’s Sen. Richard Shelby sits on an $18 […]


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