These three all came from the heart, and they involve important ideals. Please take the time to read each of them. (Links to full columns embedded in the headlines.)

Today’s politics lack the virtues of Reagan and Kemp (Nov. 1). Let’s take a step back from the daily grief and grind of national politics and ask two broader questions: Who (if anyone) in national political life these days offers an upbeat, aspirational, unifying message, free of anger and rancor? And what is that message — or, if it hasn’t been evident, then what should that message be?

The question arises because that brand of politics seems in exceedingly short supply. For those of us on the Right, who grew up with the politics of Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp, or those a bit older on the Left who were motivated by Hubert Humphrey, appeals to “better angels” were the essence of motivational politics. …

According to Trump, I am ‘human scum.’ (Oct. 25, special for CNN online). Hello, Mr. President. I’m one of the people you’ve called “human scum” and I’m hoping we can all clean up our rhetoric.

You probably don’t know me, but a number of your aides and close supporters have known me personally for decades as a Republican ally.
As an original “NeverTrumper” cited numerous times by major media for opposing you during the 2016 primary season, I may not be somebody you even care to know. But let me introduce myself anyway. Maybe you, in return, can reintroduce yourself to the American public as someone with some empathy, someone not always in attack mode, someone interested in unity rather than division.
I introduce myself not to hold myself up as a paragon, but to provide one example to humanize those you call scum. Others whom I know or have known as NeverTrumpers include some of the finest human beings anyone will ever meet — thoughtful, faithful, patriotic and generous….

Former LA governor Dave Treen could teach us something today (Oct. 27). Ten years ago today, I received a surprise call from Mandeville, Louisiana, from the state’s former governor, Dave Treen. Two days later, on Oct. 29, 2009, Treen was dead. At the risk of too personal and digressive a column, please allow me to explain why I miss Gov. Treen and why it’s relevant today….



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