(March 25)  Millions of people cogently believe former President Donald Trump is a danger to the republic itself, but a large number of us also believe another four years of the Biden-Harris administration would be, in different ways, an equal menace.

Start with the most basic test of whether a presidency actually endangers the nation: Can he handle a major crisis? The one and only time a president is the essential American, perhaps at an existential level, is when a sudden challenge emerges that could carry catastrophic consequences. Think of the sustained stress that 45-year-old John F. Kennedy had to endure during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis Then ask yourself if President Joe Biden could, even right now, bear that load.

Highly doubtful. And two years from now, at the rate he appears to be declining? No way.

Even when Biden was far more vigorous than now, his judgment alone made him a risk in crises. He has spent a career being wrong on foreign affairs, from trashing former President Ronald Reagan’s “tear down the wall” speech to opposing what should have been an easy decision to raid Osama bin Laden’s hideout. And in the biggest, entirely plannable, foreign policy decision of his presidency so far, Biden’s inept and deadly bug-out from Afghanistan was one of the worst fiascoes in the history of U.S. engagements abroad. By this time next year, Biden’s decrepitude will be four years more advanced than then, while surely not improving his awful judgment one bit.

And it surely doesn’t help that even as China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea become increasingly dangerous, Biden keeps trying to cut the military while acting so fecklessly that he “weakens America’s global clout.” This is profoundly dangerous, even if the president had full energy and use of his faculties.

Meanwhile, the radicalism of Biden’s administration on domestic issues has made him not just someone pushing wrongful policies still within ordinary bounds of American politics but policies and procedures that threaten bedrock, foundational principles…. [There is a LOT more to read here, including why a President Harris would be a disaster. For the rest of this column, please follow this link.]


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