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  • Update on Christopher Thomas Scholarship

    Update on Christopher Thomas Scholarship

    A few weeks ago, I wrote of the amazingly impressive young man, Christopher Thomas, a student leader at the University of South Alabama who suddenly died of natural causes — […]

  • My Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

    My Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

    The Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, will find out Tuesday who its newest inductees will be. There’s no time now for a full and thorough discussion of who should […]

  • New Year, Continuing Stories, New Approach

    New Year, Continuing Stories, New Approach

    Happy New Year! Within two weeks, I hope to announce a new, much more regular system of posts here at — interesting, informative, entertaining. In the meantime, here’s catching […]

  • Saints shouldn’t get cocky

    Saints shouldn’t get cocky

    Even though I predicted the Saints win yesterday, and even predicted Nick Toon’s first-ever NFL touchdown, I wasn’t anywhere near as impressed with the Saints’ performance as the T-P writers […]

  • Saints will defeat Steelers

    Saints will defeat Steelers

    I’m a chronic complainer about the Saints, and of course I join most New Orleanians in finding very, very little to like about the Saints’ performance this year, from general […]

  • Strong House freshman class

    Strong House freshman class

    The day before the election, at National Review Online, I looked forward to an exceedingly strong possible incoming class of U.S. House freshmen (along with some other good ones just […]


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