(March 17,  official editorial of the Washington Examiner)  Ordinarily, senators should defer to the president on executive-branch appointments. But Justice Department nominee Vanita Gupta is too radical to merit such deference.

Gupta, nominated by President Biden to be associate attorney general, is a radical on criminal justice and race. She has been an avid participant in the morally corrupt mutual back-scratching known as third-party settlements. She has made vicious partisan comments that give ample reason to believe she will politicize the Justice Department.

The third-ranking official at the DOJ has vast operational power behind the scenes, whereas his or her two superiors serve more as the public face of the administration.

Gupta began her legal career with direct funding from the left-wing Soros Foundation. For most of her career, she has demonstrated animus against police and evinces a conviction that this nation’s institutions, law enforcement and otherwise, are inherently racist. She advocates a huge role for the Department of Justice in interfering with local policing. She is asking for confirmation despite recent comments of a notably objectionable nature, despite having demanded rejection of judicial nominee Ryan Bounds for (mildly) “insensitive” comments he made against “multiculturalism” when he was a university student a full quarter of a century ago.

As the associate attorney general, Gupta would advise on matters relating to law enforcement and would oversee the Community Oriented Policing Services. Yet her antipathy toward criminal justice lives loudly within her…. She would abolish almost all mandatory minimum prison sentences, even for repeat offenders, and set a maximum criminal sentence, except in extremely rare circumstances, of 20 years….

Gupta combines the worst sort of radical racial views with an antipathy toward law enforcement in a particularly objectionable way…. [She wrote that the “rule of law” and “equal justice for all” are an “insidious veneer.”]…

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