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  • Ryder Cup Regrets

    Ryder Cup Regrets

    Perhaps the less said, the better, about the embarrassing American results in this year’s Ryder Cup and indeed in Ryder Cups in general dating back 20 years, apart from Ben […]

  • Victory!!! (?) (Sales Tax to be Reversed!)

    Victory!!!   (?)  (Sales Tax to be Reversed!)

    The public spoke, and the Mobile City Council apparently has listened. Now even Councilman Fred Richardson, a longtime, straightforward advocate of a permanent extension of Mobile’s “extra penny” sales tax […]

  • The Faithless Gina Gregory

    The Faithless Gina Gregory

    Gina Gregory’s honesty lies in serious question, now that she has engineered another three-year extension of the final penny of Mobile’s hideously high combined (city/county/state) sales tax of 10 percent. […]

  • Fire the Mobile City Council. Now.

    Fire the Mobile City Council. Now.

    In just 21 minutes today, six members of the City Council of Mobile (all but Bess Rich) broke faith with the citizens of Mobile, sandbagged taxpayers, hurt the city’s long-term […]

  • Thoughts on the Saints’ Awful Start

    Thoughts on the Saints’ Awful Start

    Drew Brees is correct that the Saints have begun this season almost exactly in the way they started last season: Each of their first two games came down, in effect, […]

  • Mary Landrieu, Agonistes

    Mary Landrieu, Agonistes

    More by a confluence of circumstances than through intent, I wrote three different pieces on Mary Landrieu last week, with her re-election race heating up and several controversies dogging her. […]

  • Thank you, Iron Dome… in Israel

    Thank you, Iron Dome… in Israel

    The photo here is of one of the Iron Dome anti-missile installations outside of Ashkelon, Israel. I stood about 80-100 yards away from this very unit yesterday, while getting a […]

  • Greetings from Jerusalem

    Greetings from Jerusalem

    The photo is of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built on the site(s) believed to be where the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection took place. Yesterday we also stood on […]



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