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  • On ‘wall’ fight, Democrats are the cynics

    On ‘wall’ fight, Democrats are the cynics

    Democratic leaders are negotiating in bad faith, against good policy, and to lamentable results in the current border-wall-funding theater on Capitol Hill. Set aside for now the realities that President […]

  • Beware the worldwide debt monster

    Beware the worldwide debt monster

    The self-proclaimed progressive wing of the Democratic Party still doesn’t get it, but plenty of reality-based people are finally realizing that debt levels in the U.S. and worldwide, public and private, […]

  • New year, new horizons

    New year, new horizons

    Written for New Year’s Day. … Excerpted from this longer version:   As one year ends and another begins, sometimes it’s best to focus neither on the frustrations of the […]

  • This economy is shaky: Four columns on why, and how

    This economy is shaky: Four columns on why, and how

    Follow the links in the headlines. — Quin Our economy’s sugar-high could lead into a coma…. [Dec. 11] Noted growth-economics advocate Stephen Moore wrote yesterday in the Wall Street Journal that the American […]

  • Yes, the Russia campaign efforts were effective

    Yes, the Russia campaign efforts were effective

    My colleague Eddie Scarry today thought there was much ado about nothing regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. He’s wrong. Scarry argues that two new reports from the Senate Intelligence Committee […]

  • National politics churns in December

    Chaplain (Maj.) Steven O'Brien feeds an orphaned toddler mashed potatoes at the Franciscan Missionaries of Notre Dame Baby Orphanage in Djibouti City, Djibouti. Chaplain O'Brien deployed to Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, from the 4th Air Force at March Air Reserve Base, Calif. The Camp Lemonier chapel staff arranges visits to this orphanage three times a week. (U.S. Air Force photo/by Staff Sgt. Francesca Popp)

    Herewith, a plethora of Quin’s writings at the Examiner from Dec. 8 through 23. Follow the links embedded in the headlines. Colleges were better when they were more ‘Paper Chase‘ […]

  • Books for Christmas!!!

    Books for Christmas!!!

    I had two columns — or maybe one, two-part column — in the American Spectator on the subject of books to give people for Christmas. I present them here in […]


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