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Trump-era ‘conservatism’ is twisted caricature of the real thing. 

March 5: A profound sadness arises when seeing participants at the Conservative Political Action Conference consistently live down to the worst caricatures the media lays on conservatives in general. An even more profound sadness comes from knowing that, for now at least, CPAC is almost precisely representative of conservative popular culture.

Eric Hoffer’s seminal 1951 book The True Believer once a touchstone for conservative thinkers, warned against the sort of angry fanaticism evident in CPAC attendees’ lusty booing of every mention of recent Republican standard-bearers John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Bush family. Hoffer and conservative intellectual Russell Kirk both warned against the dual dangers of rigid ideology and of leader-hero worship…..

Religious liberty advances via Kavanaugh and Colorado cakemaker(March 7.) 

If Rep. Omar were GOP, media would be demanding her to renounce David Duke(March 7.) The establishment media faces only two choices if it wants to be consistent concerning infamous neo-Nazi provocateur David Duke. The better option would be to make a pact never to mention this loathsome man in a news story ever again, based solely on Duke’s own shameless craving for attention. The next best option, and the one relevant today, is to force Democrats to abide by the same standards vis-a-vis Duke that the media long has insisted Republicans meet….

On FBI raid, aggressive non-answers from Lindsey Graham(Feb. 25.)

Why did GOP’s Hawley try to block a conservative nominee(Feb. 25.)

Trump merits GOP challenge, not free ride, in 2020. (Feb. 28.)

New Alliance Party could be welcome addition(March 1.)

Pelosi’s rule would undermine basic American principles. (March 1.)

Repubs can chortle as Dem SuperPAC abandons Ohio. (March 7.)

AEI scholar wants courts to slow the rampaging bureaucracy(March 8.)






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