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  • On Trump’s awful foreign policy

    On Trump’s awful foreign policy

    (Oct. 21) President Trump’s campaign is complaining that the last debate will cover a wide array of topics, rather than focusing on foreign policy as originally expected. Instead of complaining, […]

  • Twice worried by developments abroad

    Twice worried by developments abroad

    Follow the links embedded in the headlines to read the full pieces on foreign affairs. Russia and Turkey put shiv in ribs of Trump and U.S. (Oct. 22). The awful and […]

  • Trump betrays Kurds, helps ISIS

    INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey (AFPN) -- Explosive ordnance disposal technicians from here dispose of two general-purpose bombs and one missile warhead during joint training with Turkish air force EOD units in Konya, Turkey.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Edward Albietz)

    Never has an American president so errantly abandoned allies to slaughter, against U.S. strategic interests, when avoiding the slaughter and strategic retreat would have cost so little, and at a […]


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