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  • Getting voting disputes wrong, three times

    FILE PHOTO: A SafeVote official ballot drop box for mail-in ballots is seen outside a polling site at the Milwaukee Public Library’s Washington Park location in Milwaukee, on the first day of in-person voting in Wisconsin, U.S., October 20, 2020. REUTERS/Bing Guan/File Photo

    Perhaps never before in U.S. history have so many controversies surrounded so many aspects of our voting systems. Herewith, three different ways various people wrongly complain. (Links to full stories […]

  • Violent riots must be forcefully stopped

    Violent riots must be forcefully stopped

    Innocents must be protected. Period. (May 28) In a free society with ample, representative means to correct systemic errors, there is never an excuse for mob rule. The United States, […]


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