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  • History bears witness to Easter’s power

    Three Crosses On Mountain With Red Clouds

    (April 15) Thank goodness God can transcend syllogism. If Christians are to think literally and purely logically on this Easter weekend, we would wonder what makes the crucifixion and resurrection […]

  • Memorial Day: the who and the why

    Memorial Day: the who and the why

    (Official Examiner editorial, May 25) One somber way to think of Memorial Day is to count the number of those who have died in service of this great, good country. […]

  • An Easter message, via Private Ryan

    An Easter message, via Private Ryan

    By Quin Hillyer at the Washington Examiner;  I recently re-watched the great movie Saving Private Ryan, and it struck me that Tom Hanks’ character’s dying lines are ones that Christians should also […]

  • Was the Resurrection Real?

    Was the Resurrection Real?

    Last week’s PJ Media column on faith by Quin Hillyer, re-published here while we still technically are in Easter Week; As we celebrate Easter, we should also be reminded of, […]

  • Easter Sunday Reflections

    Easter Sunday Reflections

    I take the reading today not from what is technically an Easter Day reading, but from the Catholic Church’s liturgy for the Easter Vigil held on Saturday night. It seems […]


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