The House of Representatives is in disarray. I join the editors of National Review in calling on Paul Ryan to step up to the plate: Paul Ryan Should Run for Speaker;

Plenty of other items:

George Will’s Call for Impeachment of the IRS Director, by Andrew McCarthy (who is speakinginm  Obile Oct. 20 for The Federalist Society);

… Federal Workers Making 78% More Than Private Sector Counterparts, by Jazz Shaw;

Tracking Government Waste — There’s an App for That, by Tom Coburn;

AP’s Matt Lee Exposes State Department’s Anti-Israel Hypocrisy, by Jeff Dunetz at The Lid;

Bill Clinton White House Suppressed Evidence of Iran’s Terrorism, by John Solomon;

Why Jack Kemp Still Matters, by Peter Wehner;

Let Them All Debate, by Erick Erickson;

Cutting Off Funding to Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Violate the Constitution, by Hans von Spakovsky;

and, finally, credit to John Boehner for continuing to fight for one of the things he did very well on: John Boehner Introduces D.C. Vouchers Bill, by Bridget Bowman at Roll Call.


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