Herewith, a plethora of Quin’s writings at the Examiner from Dec. 8 through 23. Follow the links embedded in the headlines.

Colleges were better when they were more ‘Paper Chase‘ than origami…. [FULL LINK IS HERE]… After a couple of years of being ridiculed for demanding “safe spaces” from speakers whose ideas “trigger” them, today’s college students might be expected to stop leaving themselves open to ridicule. But no.

Courtesy of The College Fix comes yet another story of epic campus mollycoddling across the country. Apparently, there’s a nationwide epidemic of students finding final exams so stressful that they need sugar-plum fairies to get them through….

How to keep machines from making us dumberPreliminary results from a National Institutes of Health study indicate what some of us critics of modern technology long have warned: These blasted hand-held devices are making us dumber…. Yet what we can and should do is try to use our technology less as a matter of course, and more just as a fail-safe or backup…..

Brett Kavanaugh aborts principles of federalismSupreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas rightfully excoriated six of his colleagues for refusing to consider a high-profile case involving Planned Parenthood — and, in the process, further ramped up fears on the political right that new justice Brett Kavanaugh is less of a judicial conservative than the court needs.

The Willie Horton ad wasn’t racist….

Orrin Hatch’s fine farewell speech….

Even after farewell speech, Hatch keeps delivering….

Louisiana voters reject trial lawyers’ shakedown….

Courting absurdity: Lawsuits against cheese and ginger ale ….

Congress should have jump-started local business growth…. [published while there was still time to do it this session].

FBI’s entrapment of Flynn was despicable….

My mistake: Flynn was no victim…. [whereby I acknowledge that the previous column overstated one conclusion and understated another. Integrity requires a mea culpa.]

Senate should have been confirming more judges after Christmas…   (published while there was still time to do so].

Trump BECOMES the swamp by trying to drown out competition…. 

Paul Ryan leaves w/ideals intact, but somewhat unrealized…. [An elegy.]

Compromise, dammit!!!…. Hey, President Trump! Hey, Congress! Listen up, you dolts. Stop acting like toddlers in a playpen….



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