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  • New York Times slimes Virginia Thomas

    New York Times slimes Virginia Thomas

    By Quin Hillyer at the Washington Examiner;  There once was a rule of journalistic ethics that a “straight news” reporter refrained from gratuitous labels and judgments pertaining to the subjects […]

  • Student idealism at the March for Life

    Student idealism at the March for Life

    One of the saddest things about the establishment media’s coverage last week of the Covington Catholic students at the national March for Life is the evidence it gives that many […]

  • In the company of (who dat?) Saints

    In the company of (who dat?) Saints

    I wanted to write a longer piece here, but so far haven’t found the heart or time to do so. I remain flabbergasted, mind-boggled, bumfuzzled, and enraged by the mugging […]

  • Smorgasbord of wolf bayings

    Smorgasbord of wolf bayings

    From blasting the FBI to praising President Trump for health policy, to baying at the moon, Quin had thirteen other pieces in the past two weeks at the Washington Examiner […]

  • New year, new horizons

    New year, new horizons

    Written for New Year’s Day. … Excerpted from this longer version:   As one year ends and another begins, sometimes it’s best to focus neither on the frustrations of the […]

  • Books for Christmas!!!

    Books for Christmas!!!

    I had two columns — or maybe one, two-part column — in the American Spectator on the subject of books to give people for Christmas. I present them here in […]


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