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  • Networks Cover for Obama Repeatedly

    Networks Cover for Obama Repeatedly

    Typical media bias continued last Friday on two fronts, on two networks, both doing backflips away from real news in order to portray things in the best possible light for […]

  • Mitch Landrieu’s Second Term Outlook

    Mitch Landrieu’s Second Term Outlook

    When Mitch Landrieu was inaugurated for a second term yesterday, he rightly celebrated a real renaissance in and of New Orleans. In my entire life, the city has never looked […]

  • Scalise advances with energy

    Scalise advances with energy

    There’s a later column begging to be written about how Louisiana’s U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson, has quietly become one of the most influential members of the entire House of […]

  • Sergio’s Moment

    Sergio’s Moment

    I write this at 10 p.m. Central the night before the Masters, having meant all week to post it. The Masters this year has the worst story lines, entering it, […]

  • Jindal jujitsu, budget bust — or both?

    Jindal jujitsu, budget bust — or both?

    Back in 1989, I was junior-most of a four-person team running a statewide campaign to create a coastal wetlands trust fund. So, when I heard the Jindal administration was raiding […]

  • Cheap Shots in Alabama

    Cheap Shots in Alabama

    Things are getting nasty, all from one direction, in what otherwise has been a mostly positive but vigorously contested Republican primary battle for a House seat in a deep-red district […]

  • Presidential Epic

    Presidential Epic

    By Quin Hillyer on 3.11.11 @ 6:10AM It ordinarily would be way too early to be obsessing as much about the presidential field as many of us have been doing, […]

  • Stop Bernanke’s Hanky-Panky

    Stop Bernanke’s Hanky-Panky

    By Quin Hillyer on 3.4.11 @ 6:10AM It’s time to start hiking interest rates. Just as the Fed did early in the previous decade, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is artificially […]



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