Five columns from the Washington Examiner, with links to full columns embedded in each headline.

Alabama’s Katie Britt will be an upbeat new senator (Sept. 28)

NASA may just save Planet Earth (Sept. 27): NASA’s apparently successful smashing of a spacecraft into an asteroid last weekend provides a reminder that even fiscal conservatives have good reason to support an ample budget for the space agency….

House version of Electoral Count Act reform is better than the Senate’s (Sept. 20): A bipartisan House bill to reform the Electoral Count Act, which explains how presidential votes are counted, would be an improvement over an already helpful Senate proposal to fix the antiquated , convoluted law….

The House bill introduced this week, co-authored by Republican Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Democrat Zoe Lofgren of California, fills in almost all gaps with admirable and sensible specificity, with negligible grounds for confusion. The so-called Presidential Election Reform Act would make six major clarifications or improvements in the ECA, along with a number of minor ones….

Utah Senate candidate Evan McMullin is a horrible phony (Sept. 21):

Evan McMullin, the “independent” Senate candidate from Utah, is the same charlatan who made a weird 2016 run for the White House. Now he is amply confirming that the doubts raised about him back then were correct. Running against the solidly constitutional-conservative incumbent, Republican Mike Lee, McMullin this month shamelessly tried to monetize the anniversary of 9/11 by overselling his work in the CIA….

Supreme Court hurt the students of Yeshiva University (Sept. 20): By failing to protect a university’s religious liberty, the Supreme Court has inconvenienced every student club at that university. For shame. I wrote last week that the high court had erred in refusing to intervene to protect the free exercise of religion by Yeshiva University, the national flagship college for Modern Orthodox Judaism….


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