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  • New Mars Mission Moves Light-Years Ahead

    New Mars Mission Moves Light-Years Ahead

    (July 31) Far too little attention has been afforded the remarkable mission of NASA’s Mars rover, named Perseverance, which successfully was launched July 30 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. NASA’s succession […]

  • New year, new horizons

    New year, new horizons

    Written for New Year’s Day. … Excerpted from this longer version:   As one year ends and another begins, sometimes it’s best to focus neither on the frustrations of the […]

  • Stone cold analysis of my NASA piece

    Stone cold analysis of my NASA piece

    My good friend Steve Stone sent this thoughtful reply, below, to my last week’s column on NASA. It’s fascinating stuff, especially about space radiation. — Quin …. In response to your […]

  • NASA needs a star

    NASA needs a star

    by Quin Hillyer at; As Donald Trump builds his Cabinet, too little public attention has focused on the quasi-Cabinet-level position of Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration […]


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