Three pieces in the seemingly never-ending battle between absolutely sickening cultural rot (wokeness) on one side and the redoubts of reason on the other. (Links to full columns embedded in each headline).

Even in conservative Baldwin County, Alabama, schools are woke (Jan. 13):

MOBILE, Alabama Even in one of the most conservative counties in one of the most conservative states in the union, the public school system is pushing gender-bending ideology and other “ woke ” mandates. If the rot has taken hold even here in southern Alabama, it surely will be difficult to eradicate.

The schools in Baldwin County, which along with its sister Mobile comprise this state’s two-county coastal community, have adopted a “Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Plan ” that sometimes incorporates radical cultural leftism into policy. As reported by a watchdog group called Parents Defending Education, both the plan and, to a slightly lesser extent, a related “School Counselor’s Handbook” assign dubious outlooks and duties — on “social justice” and on sex — to what were once known as “guidance counselors.”….

Woke Coke should make us choke (Jan. 4): Now I feel even better about my decision nearly two years ago to never drink or buy another Coca-Cola or, as far as I know, another Coke-owned product.

A new, quite believable Twitter feed about the beverage company makes Coke look even more like a cynical, race-baiting, dishonest bully than it already had appeared. About which, more in a moment….

UNC has an art club that bans white people. Seriously. (Jan. 11): The latest in an apparently endless stream of outrages from college campuses , this one from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, should make clear we’re at a cultural impasse until we solve a heretofore unsolvable riddle.

Namely, how can reasonable people reach the hearts and minds of collegians who don’t even operate from the same logical universe, much less the same moral one?….


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