(January 1, 2024)  At the risk of sounding hopelessly idealistic, on the verge of saccharine and Panglossian, here is a list of things the world really needs to happen in 2024. Some of these things may be unlikely to happen, but each is individually within bounds of the legitimately possible, although for all to happen would be virtually impossible.

Ukraine needs to “win” its war against Russia’s evil, unprovoked aggression. Much more is at stake there than a mere territorial dispute. (For a fuller explanation of the stakes, please follow this link to a recent Washington Examiner editorial.) What “winning” looks like is Ukraine’s complete and undisputed recapture of jurisdiction over at least 90% of the territory Russia brutally and illegally seized since invading in 2022, plus freedom of Black Sea shipping lanes. The U.S. and Europe both should be willing to move figurative mountains to make this happen.

Hamas must be replaced permanently and irretrievably as a significant player, much less as governing authority, in Gaza and everywhere else. Gaza and perhaps the West Bank too must for some years be governed by a third-party protectorate, with Israel’s very public humanitarian assistance, which restores a semblance of civil society and inculcates a spirit of peace and co-existence with Israel while making clear that Israel rightfully will always be a state and home for the Jewish people.

The entire free and semi-free world should ally militarily and economically to start making clear to China that its path to greater prosperity lies not in conquest, aggression, or trickery, but in mutual cooperation. China can thrive without attacking Taiwan, exerting dominion over the South China Sea, or stealing intellectual property. It is big enough, it is prosperous enough, and darn it, people can like it if it stops trying to act like a bully.

Iran’s mullahs must be isolated and denied nuclear weapons. Every one of its proxies must be destroyed….. [The full column is at this link.]


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