If anyone wants to know what initially made me extremely skeptical about whether former football coach Tommy Tuberville should be in the Senate, it was this audio (below) from last May. He sounds utterly clueless about what he is trying to talk about. It’s nothing but weak platitudes. When asked substantive questions, he fumbles, badly. This was at an event on the Causeway between Mobile and Baldwin Counties, in coastal Alabama. When asked about the BP oil settlement, he said he thought it was an awesome deal. He was completely unaware that people in coastal counties feel extremely cheated because all the damage from the spill, quite obviously, was done to the coastal counties, but the state took the bulk of the money for upstate projects having nothing to do with the coastal counties.


This is the sort of basic homework you do if you want to be a senator — but Tuberville had no idea what he was talking about. Likewise, asked about “GOMESA,” the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act that provides offshore revenues to the state, he literally had no idea what it was…. And so on. This was not an impressive performance. And I’ve seen nothing since then to change my assessment…..

Listen to the whole thing, if you have the time. It just wasn’t impressive at all.



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