Two columns about the horrible campaign Joe Biden is running. (For the full column of each, follow the link embedded in each headline)…

By not leaving his basement, Biden insults electorate (Aug. 7) This is not an original sentiment, but it bears emphasis: It is beyond contempt for the putative presidential nominee of a major party to hide in his basement rather than engaging the electorate with ideas and attempts at persuasion.

Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee in waiting, is proving himself unfit for office.

When Biden does take the rare step of making remarks or doing carefully chosen interviews, he makes gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. When observing violent radicals burning down parts of our cities, he offers only the most anodyne statements in favor of following the law. When neither side of the coronavirus-relief battle will budge more than a few centimeters, he remains silent rather than urging and suggesting some means of forming consensus.

Meanwhile, the media never have adequately questioned him on relevant questions of ethics. Even during the Democratic primary battles, for example, he never was pressed on why he thought it reasonable to take his adult son to China on Air Force Two as his son sought lucrative business deals in that communist nation….

Biden’s short list for vice president is awful (Aug. 3) If Joe Biden doesn’t want to blow his lead in most polls, he will follow Bill Clinton’s lead in picking a running mate.

Biden should choose a vice presidential nominee who reinforces his main message, just as Clinton, in 1992, chose Al Gore to reinforce Clinton’s message as a somewhat centrist Democrat and an avatar of a new generation of leaders….

[So-called “swing voters,” the ones who will either vote for Biden or else just stay home] are ripe for Biden’s picking, but if he scares them by weakly bowing to, or, worse, actively embracing the riot-excusing, extreme race-baiting, social-transforming, huge-government-growing Left, they might stay home from the polls by the millions. Because of Biden’s age, they will see his vice presidential choice as a much more likely president than most running mates are, so they will watch the choice more closely than usual for signs of radicalism….


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