Two columns, one on Tulane and Hunter Biden, another on rich college kids justifying riots. (Links to full pieces embedded in headlines for each.)

Tulane should be embarrassed by Hunter Biden’s in-class lecture (April 28): The sickness unto death that infects modern universities is on full display in a course scheduled for this coming fall at Tulane University.

Somehow, Tulane thinks drug-addled, selfie-porn-video actor Hunter Biden is a fit lecturer for students interested in the interplay between media relations and policy.

The elite New Orleans college will feature a course called “Media Polarization and Public Policy Impacts,” which will include a slate of nine “guest lecturers,” most of whom are liberal journalists such as Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan and New Yorker columnist Susan Glasser. Somehow, though, Biden is on the lecturer list for the course that, according to its syllabus, “will explore the current state of the media landscape in the United States and how media polarization, fake news, and the economics of the news business impact public policymaking in Washington, D.C.”

At first glance, one would think this report surely is satire, perhaps something out of the Onion or the Babylon Bee. Alas, though, it is all too real….

College kids sound like fools by justifying riots (April 28):  A cleverly presented video by the Daily Caller succeeds in driving home an important truth: Oftentimes, when it comes to riots, privileged outsiders are a lot more supportive than the locals who suffer from them.

The Daily Caller’s Lisa Benattan ran a series of compare-and-contrast comments from apparently working-class black people in the Minnesota community affected by “racial justice” riots in recent days and from obviously wealthy young white women in Washington, D.C. Again and again, the locals criticized the riots.

“If you are being violent, if you are destroying property, I don’t think that’s cool,” said one local, in words repeatedly echoed by others.

Meanwhile, from her perch in the nation’s capital, likely from a highfalutin college, a yuppified philosophe said, “Like, change needs to be made, and if it’s not being done in the traditional avenues, then rioting is a good option.”….


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