The Left really likes vote fraud, apparently, as is evident in these two pieces. (Follow the links embedded in the headlines for the full columns.)

Omar’s henchmen caught vote-harvesting, on video (Sept. 29).

Chalk up yet another chink in the armor of the Democratic-media axis pushing the lie that vote fraud is essentially nonexistent. By now, there may be more chinks than remaining armor.

The latest example comes in the form of a stunning video by the conservative investigative outlet Project Veritas, detailing what looks like massive violations by campaign workers allegedly connected to radical Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota. The video begins with a man named Liban Mohamed driving with a carload of hundreds of absentee ballot envelopes, many of them open, with ballots still blank, bragging about his vote-harvesting efforts and saying “money is everything,” including in politics.

In Minnesota, as in most states, vote harvesting is illegal. It involves attempts by third parties to collect and deliver absentee ballots on a massive scale. In many cases, it preys on the elderly or others of diminished capacity. As Mohamed explained in a recorded phone call, the Minnesota scheme involved having the harvesters actually request the ballots in the name of the elderly citizens, and then the ballot is “taken away” from the voter to be filled out as the harvester wishes.

Other would-be voters, on video, explained how workers for Omar “come to us, to our apartments, they say this year, ‘You will vote for Ilhan.’” The harvesters fill out the forms and tell the voters to “stay home” on Election Day. In return, the harvesters fork over cash “when we sign the voting document, and they fill it out.” And so on. …

Mayor Bloomberg’s bigoted attempt to buy votes of black ex-cons (Sept. 24). In trying to help felons, former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg may risk becoming a felon himself. What’s more, he is certainly acting in an objectively racist fashion.

Shame on him. The Biden campaign, which Bloomberg is trying to help, should both renounce and denounce Bloomberg’s efforts….


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