A few weeks ago, I wrote of the amazingly impressive young man, Christopher Thomas, a student leader at the University of South Alabama who suddenly died of natural causes — and of how his friends had started a scholarship in his memory.

Last night, two very kind people handed me checks, together worth $1,100, to deliver to the school for this purpose, which I will do tomorrow. This brings the total to $8,407. My understanding is that it takes $20,000 to endow the scholarship, and that a matching grant is in effect so the immediate goal is to add $1,593 to reach the $10,000 mark and thus, with the match, hit the 20K minimum.

Please go back and read my earlier post on this, and then please donate. Call Angela Dunn at the college, at 460-7906, for details.

UPDATE: A new, nice piece on the subject at al.com, by Cassie Fambro, who has done a good job all along in covering this story.