On Justice Barrett and court ethics, and on baseball great Steve Garvey running for the Senate, if you want to read the whole column (for each) indicated below, follow the link embedded in each headline.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s support for an ethics code makes sense (Oct. 19):

Conservatives have spent so much energy in recent months defending Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from overblown allegations of ethical blindness that they haven’t considered the benefits that Supreme Court ethics rules would bring.

Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett had the wisdom this week to say such an ethics code would be useful. She is right — assuming, that is, that to avoid constitutional considerations regarding the separation of powers, the code would be written by the Supreme Court itself, not by Congress.

“I think it would be a good idea for us to do it, particularly so that we can communicate to the public exactly what it is that we are doing in a clearer way than perhaps we have been able to do so far,” Barrett said at an event at the University of Minnesota Law School attended by more than 2,500 people…..

Dodgers legend Steve Garvey speaks during the Celebrity Sports Roast & Toast at #FanFest.

All-Star first baseman makes California Senate race interesting (Oct. 10):

Republicans gained a significant political opportunity today by putting a U.S. Senate seat in ultra-liberal California at least somewhat in play in 2024. Former Los Angeles Dodgers star first baseman Steve Garvey announced his candidacy on Oct. 10, giving the GOP at least a fighting chance if Democratic candidates prove too radical.

Garvey is a serious man and (apart from a messy, long-ago brouhaha involving a moral failing common to pro athletes and entertainers) generally reputed to be a “good guy,” quite obviously intelligent and with a long history of charitable endeavors. The latter obviously has gone beyond mere public relations into active, hands-on management work. And of course he was an absolutely superb baseball player, about as close to Hall of Fame quality as possible without (yet) making it. As a league MVP, a four-time Gold Glove winner, and a ten-time All-Star, Garvey spent a decade and a half as one of the nation’s most recognizable and popular players.,,,


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