Trump blew his national address on COIVD-19 (March 11). President Trump’s speech on the coronavirus pandemic was one of the worst Oval Office addresses, terrible on both style and specifics. He is completely out of his element in trying to lead during a crisis.

Trump has failed to understand what we face with this coronavirus pandemic, much less communicate it accurately. Just two weeks ago, he was saying that the number of cases in the United States “within a couple of days is going to be down close to zero.” As of this evening, there are more than 1,200 cases in the U.S. and 37 deaths.

Now, Trump is saying the situation is so bad that he is banning all travel from Europe (except the United Kingdom) to the U.S. for at least 30 days. The president even said trade would be suspended, but, within an hour after the speech, the White House, cleaning up the mess, clarified that some trade would be allowed.

Trump did very little to explain the situation further. He did very little to provide context. He did next to nothing to reassure us the federal government has a real plan to see this crisis through to the end. Other than testing without co-pays, Trump did not say anything new about stratagems to handle the crisis better domestically except for things he is doing, or wants done, on the economic front…. [The rest of the column is here.]

Trump should have been tested earlier (written March 12, three days before he was tested). President Trump should go into a modified self-quarantine for his own safety and that of the entire senior ranks of the U.S. government…. The presidential quarantine is advisable both for Trump’s own safety and for the good of the U.S. government and people. For Trump, the consideration is this: If he has indeed contracted the virus, his health and very survival as a 73-year-old depend on him being kept as otherwise healthy as he can be. If his system is compromised by the virus, it could be more vulnerable than usual to any other pathogens. … [The full column is here.]


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