Two pieces from Quin, in reacting to the horrid election results for Republicans last week, especially in Virginia. Key fact not mentioned in these two pieces: Exit polls showed a whopping 34% of Virginians said their primary motivation in voting how they did was to send a message against Donald Trump. Only 17 percent said their primary motivation was to send a pro-Trump message….

Yes, this is Trump’s loss: To Jim Geraghty’s point about tonight’s awful election results for Republicans being perhaps attributable, after all, in significant part to Donald Trump’s drag on the ticket, let me say yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Ed Gillespie ran about as good a race for governor in Virginia as anyone possibly could in his circumstances. He ran as a candidate who came within a whisker of winning statewide in 2014. And he ran with major newspaper endorsements. But he got positively demolished, as did Republicans in the House of Delegates. And there’s really only one major difference between now and 2014: the raging unpopularity of a Republican president. This continues a trend demonstrating that Trump is undermining Republicans all over the country….

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Trump will have more fun if he just resigns In light of Tuesday’s election disasters for Republicans, when is President Trump going to start doing “so much winning?” And at what endeavor? And when is he going to start making “great deals”?

And when is going to earn even a tiny bit of loyalty by doing what a true leader does, which is to take responsibility for failures rather than pawning them off on someone else?

When is he going to start “acting presidential?”

When is he going to deliver major tax reform? When is he going to deliver a replacement for Obamacare? When is he going to cut the budget deficit? When is he going to get Mexico to pay for his wall? When is he going to get his pal Vladimir Putin to back American interests in any significant foreign dispute? When is he going to punish Iran for its misdeeds? When is he going to succeed at getting North Korea to disarm?…. [More here.]


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