By Quin Hillyer at the Washington Examiner;

We cannot trust President Trump to act with wisdom, objectivity, and reasonable perspective when dealing with our most potentially dangerous adversary, Russia.

Trump’s inner circle, along with former members of the same, have been hopelessly stained by strange and worrisome associations with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s thuggish regime….

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The Trump world’s transgressions, though, are potentially more damaging still because they put our national security at risk. They merit prophylactic action – namely, a resignation for the sake both of the public weal and of Trump’s family honor.

Even if you do not have Trump’s decades-long history of seeking business with morally questionable Russian entities or his 10-year history of bizzaro-world praise for Putin or his abject betrayal of American honor by implying that our human rights record is as bad as Russia’s … yes, even if none of that strangely pro-thug-Russian context doesn’t already exist, you should be mortified to learn that your namesake son, your extremely close son-in-law to whom you have given a huge White House portfolio, and your then-campaign manager all met with somebody sold as a “Russian government lawyer” as “part of Russia and its government’s support” for your campaign.

Even to seek help for reaching the presidency from a nation decidedly hostile to the United States and its interests is to terribly compromise your entire campaign and incoming administration.

To be blunt: It puts you in hock to that hostile nation (or even further in hock, as may be the case here). Long before Donald Trump Jr. joined Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort to meet this supposed representative of the Kremlin, the Internet was buzzing with reports of Trump-team collusion with Russian interests – and six federal agencies already had begun an investigation into the reports….

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