By Quin Hillyer;

If you’re an Alabaman considering a vote for Donald Trump because you think he’ll shake things up in a way that benefits you, please think again.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Trump won’t fight for us; he fights only for himself, and he frequently loses.

Worse, when he loses, he often uses high-priced lawyers to help him walk away unscathed, while “the little guy” is left holding the bag. Trump cuts deals with the rich and famous, while ordinary Americans get cut out – or, worse, find themselves cut and bleeding.


Trump bankruptcy victims: At least 12 Alabama individuals or businesses, including a child support payment center in Birmingham and two small businesses in Baldwin County, suffered losses when Trump Casino Holdings went bankrupt in 2004……

This piece ran this week in the newspapers. Read the whole thing here.


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