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An out-of-control Trump declares Fed chair the ‘enemy.’ Crazy. (Aug.23): President Trump is out of control. His latest attack on Jay Powell, his own appointee as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, is so far beyond shameful as to be in a different moral universe….

Trump’s character flaws are threats to stability and peace (Aug. 21): In about 24 hours, President Trump has gravely insulted allies Israel and Denmark, infuriated Jews by using anti-Semitic tropes about where their “loyalty” lies, blasphemed against Christianity by only somewhat jokingly adopting for himself the titles of “the Chosen One” and “King of the Jews,” and said that dictatorial Russia should re-join the now-G-7 nations of world economic leaders.

Where is that 25th Amendment when you need it? How does Section 4, on incapacity, work again?

The questions are only somewhat in jest.

On a slightly longer time frame, Trump has repeatedly threatened to undo one of the most effective uses of American military in history (against ISIS) by prematurely removing American personnel from Syria. He has dangerously endorsed North Korean missile tests that violate U.N. Security Council resolutions and the Singapore accords signed between the North and the U.S. last year.

Trump’s well-motivated but inept attempt to force an overthrow of the corrupt socialist government of Venezuela ended ignominiously. His trade wars are slowing the entire international economy in a way that reverberates back on us, making recession a real possibility. He has pointedly withheld meaningful verbal support from protesters in Hong Kong, much less those in Russia….

How Nikki Haley could beat Trump and the Democrats (Aug. 23): It’s time for Nikki Haley, former U.N. ambassador and former governor of South Carolina, to seriously explore a challenge to Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

I’m not kidding — I really think Haley could win.

Not that it would be easy, of course. But it’s doable, if she plays her cards just right. And with Trump becoming more and more volatile, a major challenge to him is necessary as a national safety valve.

Let’s talk brass tacks: Why Haley, and how can she win?

Haley is almost certainly the only major Republican who has emerged from the Trump presidency with their reputation and stature actually enhanced. Her poll ratings are sky high. Politically savvy and tough, with a strong sense of mainstream conservative principle, Haley forged an independent identity while representing the United States at the U.N. She stood foursquare for American interests and values, without ever appearing shrill, bullying, or blustering. She was all business, and she followed through….

Trump’s snub of Denmark was both classless and counterproductive (Aug. 21): 

Something is rotten in President Trump canceling his trip to Denmark.

In yet another example of Trump’s undiplomatic rudeness, the bumptious billionaire has canceled an already scheduled state visit to Denmark, apparently upset that the tiny, friendly nation won’t jump at his command…. To say Trump’s behavior here is childish is to insult children. Or at least, the worst of spoiled brats now have a new role model……


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