There is no reason — no decent, acceptable, morally relatable, or practical — reason for anybody of good will to support Donald Trump for president again.

The man is a one-man wrecking ball — not against any “bad guys,” but against the American constitutional system, the American body politic, and American culture. And if you believe in any way shape or form in broadly conservative governance, Trump is a disaster for you, too. He is destroying all hopes of conservative governance.

Here’s the truth, which I noted back on January 6, 2021 — yes, almost right away — and which, after the Jan. 6 committee hearings, is now incontrovertible: Donald Trump would have been perfectly happy to have his own vice president killed, in service of an unconstitutional attempt to hold onto power even though Trump knew, absolutely knew, that Trump had lost the election.

Here’s the other truth: Trump is a catastrophe for conservative election hopes and for attempts to ward off radically leftist governance. The only reason that Joe Biden is president now is because Trump turned away so many otherwise Republican-leaning voters. The only reason the U.S. Senate is in Democratic hands right now is because Trump, with malice aforethought, depressed conservative voter turnout in two Georgia runoff elections for the Senate, thus handing both seats and the majority to the Chuck Schumer’s “progressives.”

And this year, in state after state, in search of boosting his own twisted ego, Trump again is likely costing Republicans a chance to gain a Senate majority. In state after state, Trump has thrown his weight around in favor of candidates most willing to kiss his hind quarters no matter how much, or little, chance they have of defeating Democrats in the fall. Again and again Trump’s endorsed candidates have been winning Republican primaries, even though again and again it is all but indisputable that other candidates (instead of Trump’s chosen lackeys) would have far better chances of winning in November. In fact, in at least four battleground Senate races and in at least one governorship, Trump has foisted onto the general election ballot candidates who have little chance of winning and who aren’t well suited to the office if they do luck into it.

Much, much, much, much, much more could and should be said about the damage Trump has done and is doing to this country. Nobody, ever, should support him for anything again.