Three pieces related to impeachment. For the full columns, follow the links embedded in the headlines…

Trump’s tax dodges look more serious than Whitewater (Oct. 16). 

Conservatives who spent years investigating and criticizing the Clinton family business dealings known as “Whitewater” and Hillary Clinton’s cattle futures scam ought to be equally outraged by President Trump’s obviously sketchy tax dodges.

In terms of the money involved, Trump’s dealings, as outlined today by ProPublica, are much worse than the Clintons’ pre-presidential self-dealing. Yet soon, if recent past is prologue, we will surely hear either silence from the Clintons’ strongest critics, or worse, some fevered attempts to explain away the tax dodginess as business-as-usual.

The basic outline is simple. With regard to two of Trump’s major real-estate investments, the “art of the deal” involved filing financial reports with lenders and with tax authorities that were radically different from each other. The discrepancies regularly involved hundreds of thousands of dollars…..

Political survival instinct alone should make GOP want a challenger to Trump (Oct. 15). A very real chance exists that Republicans could enter next summer with their political ticket led by an incumbent president tweeting nonsense to distract from an economy in retreat, ISIS terrorists and Iranian mullahs both resurgent, Russia and China enjoying greater spheres of influence, and even his own Justice Department hot on his trail.

Unless a seriously credible opponent begins working now to plan a challenge to President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, he will win the nomination by default and then drag his whole party down to electoral depths not seen since the post-Watergate lows….

The Watergate building

With quids and quos now admitted, it’s time to impeach (Oct. 17). 

With regard to the quid and the several examples of quo involved in President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, they were all part of the same package. Nobody should fall for the new White House spin trying to make a distinction between tying military aid to an investigation of a Democratic computer server and tying it to an investigation of the Bidens.

Neither element is acceptable. But both are merely two sides of the same coin….


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