by Quin Hillyer, at The Weekly Standard

Donald Trump, scourge of Gotham, running roughshod over all convention, meanly belittling all in his way, ugly red hair ablaze above remarkably histrionic gestures and facial expressions, is an almost perfect avatar of Batman’s nemesis The Joker (Cesar Romero version).

And like The Joker, Trump is particularly predisposed to trample upon ordinary people, stomping on almost any prototypical “little guy” who gets in the way of his quest for attention, wealth, and power.

Indeed, the remarkable thing about Trump’s popularity is that it is rooted overwhelmingly among the very socio-economic classes – struggling workers and their relatives – whose well-being he has a long, long record of undermining or directly abusing.

The reality is that, for all his grandiose claims of being such a success and a “winner” – claims that are substantially exaggerated for someone born as Richie Rich and whose wealth creation since has been no better than average – Trump has rarely “won” for anybody other than himself, while leaving in his wake a host not just of wounded opponents but also wounded would-be allies…..

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