Actually, two weeks.

Here in Mobile, in DC, in numerous airports, and at Berkeley, people have lost a sense of what is a legitimate public protest and what is an obnoxious display of puerility.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Herewith, then, (if you follow the links) several accounts and columns about the situation(s):

My comprehensive take on it is at The American Spectator: Of protests, provocateurs, and presidents.

At, I am quoted making some of the same points.

The American Media Institute runs an account of the Mobile situation — which, as I said, strayed just a little over the line, but was mostly dignified and, compared to all the other “protests,” was the one most closely adhering to acceptable norms, even though it ended up transgressing those norms.


Meanwhile, if you can watch this small video of a polite, female Trump supporter being attacked by the Berkeley thugs, you get a sense of what horrendous people they are and why it is virtually a crime that none of them were arrested, much less convicted and imprisoned for months, as they deserved.

— Quin


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