(Nov.4) One of the worst aspects of Trump-world is its rampant sense of apocalyptic panic.

The idea, as it was put in the headline of an Oct. 14 column that a friend emailed me Sunday, is that “Trump stands between America and tyranny.” Or, as so often expressed in social media, that President Trump and only Trump can save us from ruin.

That column’s author, Fletch Daniels, extravagantly put it thus, referring at the end to the supposedly transgendered child brought forward to speak at a CNN town hall:

“Both Churchill and Trump were leaders chosen, like Esther in the Bible, for ‘such a time as this.’… We are now in an existential struggle. America might not survive … The Republicans’ sole hope to hold the White House in 2020 is President Trump. End of story … Anything that damages Trump will help an American-hating socialist who promised to run her choice for secretary of education through a child-abused 9-year-old girl dressed in a suit.”
Esther before Ahasuerus

Some of us beg to differ. Some of us think the United States is both a better and stronger nation than this. Some of us think our constitutional system is sturdier than this. We believe the American people aren’t so weak and meek as to require a single man, much less a volatile vulgarian, to save us from disaster.

We believe in American resilience, resourcefulness, righteousness. And we do not believe that the U.S. needs a savior. More than that, we believe it is crazy to believe Trump could come close to filling such a role. Trump is no deliverer; he’s a despoiler.

Even if it were possible to think more highly of Trump, his fans dramatically overestimate his political potency. They are mistaken that Trump has a unique ability to defeat the Left. …

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