Two columns and an official Washington Examiner editorial on aspects of today’s culture wars. To read each of the full pieces, please click on the link embedded in their headlines…..

It is the Left that is waging cultural war, and doing it badly (July 12):

No matter how the establishment media likes to portray things, it is the Left, not conservatives, that is mounting an aggressive and transgressive culture war, against which Middle America reacts only to avoid surrender.

If a village is besieged, it is those laying siege, not the villagers, who are the attackers.

This is a point some of us on the center-right have been making for months, but it has now been eloquently expressed in the past 10 days by both top-notch conservative thinker Peggy Noonan and by thoughtful, veteran liberal writer Kevin Drum….

CNN shows awful bias, hurts own case in report defending Critical Race Theory (July 8): A segment on critical race theory aired by CNN’s Brianna Keilar (who styles herself a straight news anchor) shows just how biased the establishment media is, and how freaked out it is by the justifiable, societal backlash against CRT. …

U.S. Olympic team should evict protesting hammer thrower (official Washington Examiner editorial, June 29): This should not be a difficult decision: If an athlete literally representing the United States of America will not stand respectfully for the U.S. flag and anthem, the athlete can find another country that doesn’t offend them as much.

The issue arises again after a female hammer thrower named Gwen Berry turned her back to the flag and covered her head with a black protest shirt as the anthem played during the U.S. Olympic track and field trials on June 26…. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech or the right to protest. Athletes can protest all they want. … The Olympics are different.  The modern Olympics were conceived and designed not merely as a venue for individual athletic competition but also as a force for world peace. The idea was that by representing nations rather than just one’s self, athletes would show that international tensions or rivalries could be set aside for the purpose of honorable, amicable competition under rules applicable to all. …



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