Three pieces about the Left behaving badly about racial matters, creating racial conflicts where none need exist. (Links to each full piece embedded in each headline.)

‘Anti-racism’ trainers spend all February resting and partying (Feb. 17):It must be nice to be able to make so much money working to destabilize oppressive whiteness that you can take a whole month off to lounge in the bathtub drinking champagne.

As reported by Emma Goldberg in the New York Times , a major “anti-racism” group in New Orleans treats its soon-to-be 34-person staff to a mandatory four weeks of paid leave each year to celebrate February as Black History Month. The group Beloved Community, one of a hugely burgeoning number of “diversity, equity and inclusion” organizations, operates in New Orleans pushing all the now-familiar theories against “white privilege” and “ white fragility ” and in favor of critical race theory, “equity,” and “intersectionality.” Like others, they advocate breaking into separate caucuses of “ affinity groups ,” meaning white people meet with whites while black people meet with blacks and so on.

And while its website includes links to jeremiads advocating a “multiracial movement against global capitalism,” Beloved Community certainly seems to revel in the loot that comes from running a successful enterprise in the capitalist economy. How else can it afford to have its entire staff take a full month off at the same time?….

‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion’ racket badly infects private schools (Feb. 14): Very few enterprises are as objectively racist as the “anti-racist” racket dominating academia, journalism, and large corporations today.

In the name of anti-racism, the purveyors of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” education positively obsess about race. While claiming the mantle of integrationists such as Martin Luther King Jr., the DEI gang pushes resegregation. And, worst of all, rather than battling against harmful stereotypes of blacks and other ethnic minorities, they embrace and even employ those stereotypes to make hurtful, racist assumptions about those very minority groups.

The latter habit, the most overtly racist one, seems to be an inherent part of DEI training. This is one reason so many people have come to view it as toxic and destructive.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, education-reform advocates Andrew Gutmann and Paul Rossi together report on nearly 100 hours of videos they watched from DEI workshops sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools. …

Appeals court judge supports Ilya Shapiro against Georgetown Law (Feb. 15):

It is sometimes exhilarating to see someone go into a lion’s den while holding aloft the red meat of truth.

That’s what James Ho, a judge on the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, did today in a speech at Georgetown Law. Scheduled to speak on an aspect of the mode of constitutional interpretation known as “originalism,” Ho instead blasted Georgetown Law for suspending Ilya Shapiro, its newly hired director of its Center for the Constitution, based on complaints from the willfully and easily offended.

Shapiro had been criticized widely for a poorly worded tweet taking issue with President Joe Biden’s pledge to consider only black women for the soon-to-open seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. His entirely innocent and defensible meaning was clear to anyone with a fair mind. ….


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