Herein, please see two columns on a lawsuit out of Evanston, Ill., against the hideously misnamed “anti-racism” claptrap taught in so many schools, churches, and corporate settings these days, in pursuit of Critical Race Theory and its various Marxist offshoots. Some of this stuff will, or at least should, infuriate you to the breaking point, because it is so, so, so vile. Note that most of what I report here is not opinion, but incontrovertible fact.

This lawsuit highlights evil revolutionary radicalism at heart of CRT (July 13):

Just about everything wrong with critical race theory and the badly misnamed “anti-racism” movement is summarized in one lawsuit filed late last month against the public school system of Evanston, Illinois.

It is no overstatement to say the school system’s practices are vile.

Not only does the suit, along with findings by the Department of Education, detail CRT’s usual litany of racially divisive indoctrination activities, but it also confirms that school officials use the “fighting racism” excuse as cover for teaching that individualism and meritocracy are oppressive, that the ideal of “equality” and even the nuclear family itself are both racist, and that true anti-racists will question “the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and principles of constitutional law.”

In sum, this claptrap isn’t designed to combat racism at all, at least not as that idea is traditionally understood. Instead, it is intended to indoctrinate teachers and students in service of an internal revolution against the entire edifice of Western society….. [The full, first column on this is here.]

Lawsuit against CRT is powerful legally, not just morally (July 14):

I wrote yesterday about how the school district in the Chicago suburb of Evanston teaches that the nuclear family must be aggressively undermined as a vehicle of white supremacism. I wrote about how this ideology holds that “the very foundations” of republican government and its “principles of constitutional law” must be challenged. The lawsuit in Evanston and the related findings by a Department of Education investigation make for essential reading for anyone who is currently in denial about this or doubts that the misnamed “anti-racism” training being used in our schools amounts to a moral disaster.

The legal case against this stuff looks as strong as the moral case, and here’s predicting that this and any similar suits will succeed. In those formal findings (now in limbo as part of a broader policy review), the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education noted four ways (there probably are more) in which Evanston is violating three clauses of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act….. [The full column is here.]


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